Derrick Stolee, Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University

Ramsey numbers for partially-ordered sets

The following includes a Sage worksheet that generates SMT2 files that can be run using Z3.

ADAGE on Grids Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions (with S. Butler, C. Erickson, L. Hogben, K. Hogenson, L. Kramer, R. L. Kramer, J. C.-H. Lin, R. R. Martin, N. Warnberg, and M. Young) On the independence ratio of distance graphs (with James S. Carraher, David Galvin, Stephen G. Hartke, and A. J. Radcliffe) A Linear Programming Approach to the Manickam-Miklós-Singhi Conjecture (with Stephen G. Hartke) Uniquely $K_r$-Saturated Graphs (with Stephen G. Hartke).