Special Session on Advances in Graph Theory and Combinatorics

at the AMS sectional meeting, Creighton University, Omaha, NE Sat-Sun Oct 7-8, 2023
AMS program


  1. Adam Blumenthal (Westminster college)
  2. Peter Bradshaw (UIUC) Flexible list coloring and maximum average degree
  3. Bryan Curtis (Iowa State)
  4. Anastasia Halfpap (Iowa State)
  5. Emily Heath (Iowa State) Maximizing the number of odd cycles in a planar graph
  6. Joel Jeffries (Iowa State)
  7. Nikola Kuzmanovski (Nebraska Lincoln) Macaulay Posets and Rings
  8. Lina Li (Iowa State)
  9. Kate Lorenzen (Linfield University)
  10. Daniel McGinnis (Iowa State)
  11. Theo McKenzie (Stanford)
  12. Evelyne Smith-Roberge (Georgia Tech)
  13. Sung-Yell Song (Iowa State)
  14. Michael Wigal (UIUC) Longest Path Transversals in Chordal Graphs
  15. Corrine Yap (Georgia Tech) Reconstructing Random Pictures
  16. Shira Zerbib (Iowa State)
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Organized by Steve Butler and Bernard Lidicky.