MATH 610 - Seminar in probabilistic method

Instructor: Bernard Lidick√Ĺ
Office: 422 Carver Hall
email: lidicky -at-

Where: TBA
When: TBA
Final exam: NO

Textbook - Not compolsury



This is a log of what happened or will happen (notes are in CyBox).
  1. Bound in Folkmans theorem. (Bernard)
  2. Introduction to probabilistic method and Ramsey numbers (Bernard)
  3. More basic examples (Bernard)
  4. Linearity of expectation (Ping)
  5. C_4-free graphs (Alex)
  6. Alteratins (Juergen)
  7. Second moment (Adam and Isaac)
  8. Rodl Nibble (Alex)
  9. Lovasz Local Lemma (Adam)
  10. Local Cut Lemma (Juergen)
  11. TBA (Isaac)