Derrick Stolee, Assistant Professor (2013--2015)
Department of Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University

This is a copy of a webpage which is about to be deleted. The webpage contained a lot of interesting stuff so it is mirrored here.
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Email: dstolee [at]
Office: 416 Carver Hall

Teaching Spring 2015:
MATH 166 - Calculus II

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Recent Developments
C. Cox, D. Stolee, Ramsey numbers for partially-ordered sets, submitted.
Web Version Project
Z. Berikkyzy, C. Cox, M. Dairyko, K. Hogenson, M. Kumbhat, B. Lidický, K. Messerschmidt, K. Moss, K. Nowak, K. F. Palmowski, D. Stolee, $(4,2)$-choosability of planar graphs with forbidden structures, submitted.
Web Version Project
$(4,2)$-choosability of planar graphs with forbidden sturctures: A working seminar report. Discrete Mathematics Seminar (09/08), Iowa State University.
Slides Project
A. Brandt, M. Ferrara, M. Kumbhat, S. Loeb, D. Stolee, M. Yancey, I,F-Partitions of sparse graphs, submitted.
Web Version Project
K. G. Milans, D. Stolee, D. B. West, Ordered Ramsey Theory and Track Representations of Graphs, Journal of Combinatorics 6(4) (2015) 445-456.
Web Version Official Version Research Project
Philip DeOrsey, Jennifer Diemunsch, Michael Ferrara, Nathan Graber, Stephen G. Harke, Sogol Jahanebkam, Bernard Lidický, Luke Nelsen, Derrick Stolee, Eric Sullivan, On the Strong Chromatic Index of Sparse Graphs
Web Version Project
J. Diemunsch, N. Graber, L. Kramer, V. Larsen, L.M. Nelsen, L.L. Nelsen, D. Sigler, D. Stolee, C. Suer, Color-blind index in graphs of very low degree.
Web Version ArXiv Version Project
Automated Discharging Arguments for Density Problems in Grids. Connections in Discrete Mathematics: A celebration of the work of Ron Graham (06/19), Simon Fraser University.
Slides Paper Project
C. Cox, D. Stolee, Ordered Ramsey numbers of loose paths and matchings.
Web Version arXiv Version Research Project
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